Tony Waltham: publications on karst engineering

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1986 Karst site investigation at Remouchamps, Belgium

Limestone caves beneath viaduct foundations, and borehole investigations.

1989 Chalk subsidence and collapse

Pipes, caves and sinkholes in chalk karst in England, liquefaction of putty chalk, collapses over old mines at Jacqueline Close, Bury St Edmunds.

2003 Karst engineering classification

Classes of karst ground conditions defined by frequency of new sinkholes, potential cavity sizes, and extent of rockhead pinnacles

2005 Sinkholes book Ch 03 07 Collapse sinkholes and rock failure

Cave collapse, roof breakdown, bed failure, stable arch, collapse sinkholes, tiankengs, chalk, gypsum, caprock sinkholes, salt, breccia pipes, geohazard, failure under loading, bearing capacity, safe cover thickness over caves.

2005 Sinkholes book Ch 04 08 Subsidence and induced sinholes

Dropout sinkholes, soil cavities, sinkhole geohazard, induced by water input, induced by water table decline, drainage control, avoidable geohazard

2005 Sinkholes book Ch 11 12 Construction on karst

Sinkhole prevention, remediation, grouting in karst, soil stabilisation, sinkhole repair, landfill, construction in sinkhole terrains, raft foundations, sinkhole flooding, geogrid, piles, testing, tunnels in karst.

2007 Rock collapse over open caves

Natural collapse, cave roof failure, imposed load, safe cover ratio, guideline, RMR

2008 Sinkhole hazard case histories in karst

Subsidence sinkholes, induced in soil cover, rock collapse, Pennsylvania quarry de-watering, South Africa pinnacled rockhead, Guatemala dropout piping failure, Florida loading collapse, Turkey gypsum collapse, sinkhole geohazard.

2009 Sinkhole geohazard

Types of sinkhole, subsidence sinkholes, natural or induced.

2012 Engineering on soluble ground

Karst geohazard, sinkholes, drainage, induced sinkholes, pinnacled rockhead, unseen caves, safe cover, ground investigation, gypsum, salt, subsidence, sabkha.

2016 Sinkholes, control the drainage

Gospel accorded to sinkholes, karst geohazard, features of karst types, sinkhole hazard, subsidence sinkholes, sinkholes induced by drainage or water table decline, cave chamber collapse, collapse sinkholes, safe imposed loads, prediction.

2016 Sinkholes, Glossop Lecture

Control the drainage: the gospel accorded to sinkholes; with introduction and vote of thanks.

2017 Karst in civil engineering

Karst entry in Encyclopedia of Civil Engineering, sinkhole hazard, unseen cavities.