Tony Waltham: publications on geology

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Afar Triangle extension tectonics, Ethiopia, 2005

Divergent plate boundary with grabens and rift valleys, Lake Abhe travertine towers, Lake Assal, Erte Ale volcano and lava lake, Danakil Desert, Afar Depression.

Afar Triangle rift valleys and volcanoes, Ethiopia, 2010

Divergent plate boundary with rift valleys, Djibouti grabens, Erte Ale volcano and lava lake, in the Danakil Desert.

Ainthorpe landslide, Yorkshire, UK, 1999

Landslide caused by changes to drainage in part of the North York Moors

Alaska and Yukon, geological guide, 1995

Guide to travel and roadside geology covering Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Klondike Highway, Dawson City, Klondike Gold Rush, gold mining, Delta Junction, Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline, Valdez, 1964 earthquake, Whittier, Anchorage landslides, Denali, Seward, Kenai Fiords, Katmai volcano, Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

Amber Room, St Petersburg, Russia, 2017

Catherine Palace, rebuilt Amber Room, Baltic amber, Gdansk

Andes traverse geology, Argentina, 2020

Bus journey, Uspallata Pass, Cerro Tolosa rockfall, Puente del Inca travertine

Aral Sea environmental disaster, Kazakhstan, 2001

Shrinking sea, Amudarya, Syrdarya, cotton, ships’ graveyard, Aralsk, Small Aral Sea, Tastubek.

Asian tsunami disaster in 2004, Sumatra, 2005

Boxing Day earthquake, Sunda Plate, Banda Aceh, Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, Galle, Andaman Sea, Thailand, Khao Lak, tsunami warning.

Black Hills of Dakota, USA, 2019

Geology of Harney Peak granite, Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore, Etta Quarry pegmatite, spodumene, Wind Cave, Jewel Cave, Homestake Mine, Mammoth Site sinkhole

Canyonlands, a guide to the Colorado Plateau, USA, 2020

A guide to the major geological sites and National Parks in the Red Rock Country of Utah and Arizona; Arches, Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands National Park, Natural Bridges,Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verde, Ship Rock, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Zion, Bryce Canyon.

Copper Canyon ignimbrites, Mexico, 2016

Chihuahua Pacific Railway, calderas, Batopilas, Divisadero, Basaseachi waterfall.

Crystal Geyser cold eruptions, Utah, USA, 2001

Driven by carbon dioxide, eruptions from oil well, travertine, Green River.

Egypt deserts, pinnacles and barchans, 2001

Western Desert, Farafra Oasis, White Desert, chalk karst, Kharga Oasis, migrating barchan sand dunes that bury the road.

Fauld explosion crater, Staffordshire, UK, 2001

Tutbury Gypsum, alabaster mine, munitions store, bomb explosion, Hanbury, crater footpath.

Geysers, Iceland, Yellowstone, New Zealand, Kamchatka, Chile, 2004

Overview of the world’s main geyser sites, Old Faithful Geyser, Firehole River, Norris Basin, Haukadalur, Strokkur Geyser, Rotorua, Wairakai, Pohutu Geyser, Lady Knox Geyser, Waimangu Geyser, Valley of Geysers, Fountain Platform, Uzon caldera, El Tatio, Crystal Geyser.

Glaciers in retreat, Alps, Switzerland, 2006

Retreat continuing since the Neoglacial, Rhone Glacier, Aletsch Glacier, Marjelensee ice-dammed lake.

Global Warming, 2006

Commentary on current climate change in context of Quaternary and Holocene geological records.

Himalaya landslides, Pokhara, Nepal, 1996

Giant landslides, Annapurna, Tal landslide, Lete landslide, Kali Gandaki, Seti Khola debris flows, Pokhara Formation, Phewa Tal.

Iceland geology tour, 1994

Excursion to the main geological site: Geysir, Strokkur, Laki, Eldgja, Ofaerufoss, Aldeyarfoss, Myvatn, Grotagja, Dettifoss.

Jordan Syria geology tour, 1997

Excursion to the notable geological sites: Maloula, Palmyra, Jabal al-Arab, Hammammat Ma’in, Dead Sea, Petra, Aqaba, Wadi Rum.

Kailas, geology of a sacred mountain, Tibet, 1998

Sacred to Buddhists and Hindus, Tibetan Plateau, Asian watershed, Kailas Conglomerates, Dolma La granite, Zangbo Suture.

Kamchatka volcanoes, Russia, 2001

Guide to southern Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk, Avacha, Koryaksky, Uzon caldera, Valley of Geysers, Karimsky, Dachnye, Gorely, Mutnovsky

Kimberley diamond mines, South Africa, 1997

Kimberlite pipes, The Big Hole, De Beers, Bulfontein mine, Orange River, alluvial diamonds, Luderitz, Namibia.

Kingsdale geomorphology, Yorkshire, UK, 2012

Field guide for excursion to Quaternary features of karst, caves and glaciations.

Kingsdale, evolution of a Yorkshire dale, UK, 2012

Glacial features, Devensian moraine and lake, cave drainage, stalagmite dates, Anglian evolution, deglaciation, Thornton Force, Sandymire Bronze Age alluviation.

Klondike 1896 goldrush, Canada, 2007

Henderson, Carmack, Yukon River, Bonanza Creek, Stampede, Skagway, Dyea, Chilkoot Pass, Dawson City, placer deposits and hydrothermal mineralisation, mining in permafrost, dredge mining, hydraulicking, monitor pumps, mammoth tusks, subsidence.

Klondike gold mining, Canada, 1998

Yukon permafrost environments, Bonanza Creek, Stampede, Skagway, Dyea, Chilkoot Pass, Dawson City, placer mineralisation, gold dredges, hydraulic mining, mammoth tusks, subsidence

La Brea Asphalt Lake, Trinidad, 2015

Trinidad Asphalt Lake as it is today

Landslide protection in Kazakhstan, 2001

Measures to protect Almaty from debris flows from Alatau Mountains, Medeu Dam debris catch, steel catch barriers

Las Medulas gold mines, Spain, 2017

Roman gold mines, Cantabrian Mountains, Neogene placer deposits, hydraulic mining, remnant pinnacles of red conglomerate

Lipari Aeolian Islands geology guide, Italy, 1987

Excursion guide to volcanoes of Aeolian Islands; Lipari, obsidian and pumice quarries; Vulcano, Foraglione fumaroles mud baths, Fossa volcano, sulphur vents; Stromboli, summit crater, Sciara del Fuoco, Strombolian eruptions.

Lotschberg Alpine railway tunnels, Switzerland, 2007

Geology of the Lotschberg base tunnel, and the original tunnel, over-deepened glaciated valley of Gasterntal, the 1908 tunnel disaster, Klus Gorge, Gotthard tunnel.

Lotschberg Tunnel 1908 disaster, Switzerland, 2008

Geology of the Lotschberg railway tunnel, Gasterntal buried valley, 1908 tunnel disaster, ground investigation in glaciated terrains

Malham Cove, development enigma, Yorkshire, UK, 2017

Underground drainage, Malham Cove waterfall, origins of Malham Cove, fluvial erosion, glaciofluvial erosion, glacial erosion, karstic erosion.

Mam Tor landslide movement, Derbyshire, UK, 2000

Geology of Mam Tor, Hope Valley Pleistocene events, landslide displacements, monitoring surveys, slipped blocks and debris flow, rainfall thresholds, history of failure, stabilization.

Mam Tor landslide summary, Derbyshire, UK, 2000

Map and summary of movements and rainfall thresholds

Mexico City ground subsidence, 2014

Smectite-rich clays subsiding due to groundwater abstraction, Palacio de Belles Artes, protruding well casing, Torre Latinoamericana.

Mine collapses, Korea, 2011

Sinkhole collapses at Mookeuk gold mine, Chungyang tungsten mine, Toehyun metal mine. rockfall monitoring at Keumgok magnetite mine.

Mines of Cerro Rico, Potosi, Bolivia, 2005

Silver mining of Rich Hill, volcanic ore deposits, current mining of sphalerite, pallaco silver deposits.

Missoula flood scablands, Washington, USA, 2010

Ice-dammed Lake Missoula. Purcell Glacier, Columbia River, scablands and coulees, Grand Coulee, Palousie Falls, Dry Falls, Moses Coulee, varved sediments, J Harlan Bretz.

Mt St Helens geology guide, USA, 1995

Eruption of volcano in 1980, lateral blast, lahars, lava dome, excursions to Johnston Ridge, Spirit Lake, Windy Ridge, Ape Cave, summit hike.

Mud volcanoes of Baku, Azerbaijan, 2009

Caspian Sea oilfields, Yanar Sag burning hillside of methane vents, Gobustan, Perekishqul, Lokbatan mud volcano.

New Orleans Katrina flooding, USA, 2005

Mississippi delta, New Orleans levees and flood walls, ground subsidence by peat drainage, Huurican Katrina, broken levees, piping failures.

New Orleans Katrina recovery, USA, 2006

Flood damage, levee repairs, rebuilding, elevation of houses, levees’ mode of failure, wind damage, tidal surge.

Norber glacial erratics, Yorkshire, 2013

Greywacke erratics on limestone pedestals, Ingleborough, toppling of one boulder.

Nottingham Castle Rock 1966 landslide, UK, 1997

Collapse of fill and its retaining wall, above sandstone cliff.

Nottingham Castle Rock geology, UK, 2004

Sandstone geology, geomorphic evolution, historical changes, rockfalls, tree root damage.

Nottingham, crown hole development in sandstone caves, 1993

Cave roof failures, weakened by water ingress when the sandstone’s clay cement collapses

Nottingham, bearing capacity of rock over mined cavities, 2004

Test loading, numerical modelling, physical modelling of cave roof collapses in sandstone

Nottingham cave statues conservation, UK, 2007

Thomas Herbert’s statue of Daniel in the Lions’ Den, monitoring of weathering rates.

Nottingham Market Square geology, UK, 2007

Granite paving from quarries in Portugal and China.

Nottingham sand mines, UK, 1994

Sherwood Sandstone, Rouse’s Mine, pillar-and-stall mining, Gallows Hill Mines, Cemetery Mine

Nottingham sandstone caves, military use, UK, 2008

Geology and caves of Nottingham, military roles pre-WW2, wartime values during WW2.

Nottingham Sandstone Caves, UK, 2008

The definitive text, geology, history, malt kilns, tanneries, cellar caves, sand mines, air raid shelters, cave collapses, conservation.

Panama Canal, geology meets civil engineering, 2020

Construction of the canal by French and Americans, Gatun Lake, locks, Culebra Cut landslides, Cucaracha Clay, Gold Hill, widening the canal, Panamax, Neopanamax.

Parinacota volcano lateral collapse landslide, Chile, 2004

Debris avalanche from flank collapse of volcano.

Pele’s Hair and reticulite, Hawaii, 2017

Pele's Hair (fibres) and reticulite (foam) of basaltic glass produced in eruptions of Kilauea volcano on Hawaii.

Permafrost ice wedges, Dalton Highway, Alaska, USA, 2001

Construction on permafrost, oil pipeline, Fox permafrost tunnel, ice wedge polygons, Prudhoe Bay.

Petra sandstone fantasy, Jordan, 1994

Geology, Aqaba granite, dykes, Wadi Ram, Wadi Rum, Petra graben, The Siq, Khazna, rock tombs, sandstone colours, liesegang rings, ad Dayr monastery.

Pyrite mining and sulphur production, Xingwen, China, 1997

Primitive mines for pyrite and coal supplying sulphur furnaces with major pollution of limestone karst.

Rare Earth Elements resource geology, 2017

Carbonatite, Bayan Obo iron mine, Mountain Pass, Mount Weld, Kvanefjeld, Bear Lodge.

Rockfalls on unloading joints, Norway, 2002

Stress-relief fractures, unloading of slopes, exfoliation, Skjelfjord rockfall, Geirangerfjord, Lovatn rockfalls, Tafjord rockfall, Aknes landslide.

Ruby mines of Mogok, Myanmar, Burma, 1999

Ruby and sapphire, geology, Kyatpyin, byon deposits, lebin mining, open pit mines, gem market.

Salt domes, salt glaciers, Iran, 2008

Zagros Mountains, salt diapirs, Kuh-e-Namak, rising salt domes, flowing salt glaciers, salt karst, Qeshm Island, salt caves, Tri Nahacu Cave, Namakdan, Hormoz.

Sapphire mines of Rantanpura, Sri Lanka, 2011

Gneiss source and gemstone placer deposits, illam mining with hand-dug pits, gemstone trading.

Shale in Askrigg Block limestones, Yorkshire, UK, 1971

Shale beds in Carboniferous limestone, sequence exposed in caves, shale partings.

Sinking cities, ground subsidence, 2002

Regional subsidence due to water table decline, clay, peat, groundwater abstraction, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, New Orleans, London, Venice, Mexico City, Shanghai, Bangkok.

St Francis Dam failure geology, Los Angeles, USA, 2018

Los Angeles water supply, William Mulholland, dam construction, catastrophic failure of the dam, flood disaster, cause of failure, fault, conglomerate, schist, old landslides, uplift forces.

Strength of sandstone roof over caves, Nottingham, UK, 2004

Bearing capacity, test loading of a cave roof, numerical modelling, physical modelling, highway loading of a wide cave, building regulations.

Strokkur geyser, Iceland, 2008

Activity caused by flashing of steam, unique style of eruption with dome of water.

Syria geological excursion, 1997

Some of the main geological and historical sites in southwestern Syria, including Damascus, Maloula, Palmyra and Jabal-al-Arab.

Thistle landslide, Utah, USA, 1983

Landslide of weathered clays active due to meltwater input, debris dam in valley impounds lake, town abandoned, road and railway re-routed, geology of road cutting, lake drainage.

World of Geology abstract, 2019

Photo-feature based on new book.

Yellowstone NP geology guide, USA, 1998

Excursion guide, calderas, geothermal springs and geysers, Upper Geyser Basin, Old Faithful, Norris Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs travertine terraces, Yellowstone Canyon, Mud Volcano.

Yorkshire Dales geology excursion, UK, 2005

Ingleborough, Foredale, Moughton, Norber Scar, Pen-y-ghent Gill, Malham glaciokarst.

Yorkshire Dales glaciokarst plateau stratimorphs, UK, 2011

Erosion surface, stratimorphs, Malham Tarn basin, uplift and landscape evolution.

Yosemite geology geomorphology, USA, 2012

Incomparable Valley, granite domes, stress relied exfoliation, glaciation, hanging valley waterfalls.