Tony Waltham: publications on caves and karst

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Aran Islands limestone pavements, Ireland, 2020

Inishmore, glacial erratics, Dun Aengus, Wormhole sea cave

Astraka caves and karst, Greece, 1978

Astraka Plateau, Vicos Gorge, Tymfi glaciokarst, Epos Chasm, Tripa tis Nifis, Ulysses Pot

Castleguard Cave, Canada, 1974

To the end of Castlegaurd Cave, beneath Canada's Columbia Icefield, for photographs of the ice plug.

Chalk caves, Mymmshall Swallets, London, UK, 1969

Mymmshall Brook, River Lea, River Mole.

Collapse sinkholes, Obruk Plateau, Turkey, 2015

Konya, Karapinar, Inoba, Seyithaci, Kizoren, Meyil, Cirali, Akviran, volcanic hypogenic origin.

Fenglin, fengcong, cone karst, tower karst, China, 2008

Tropical karst, Chinese and Western classifications, karst evolution, Guangxi, Guizhou.

Gouffre Berger geology, France, 1972

Cave exploration, Sornin Plateau, Cuves de Sassenage, cave developmrent.

Guangxi karst, fenglin, fengcong, China, 2010

Guilin, Yangshuo, Guanyan cave system, karst evolution.

Gunung Sewu caves survey, Java, Indonesia, 1983

Caves and water resources, limestone cone karst, cave river in Gua Bribin, Baron resurgence.

Gunung Sewu caves water search, Indonesia, 1983

Cone karst, Java, water resources, Luwang Ceblok, Gua Bribin.

Gunung Sewu water resources, Indonesia, 1985

Cone karst, Java, sinkholes, water table map, Ceblok sinkhole, Bribin cave river.

Ha Long Bay caves karst, Vietnam, 2000

Limestone islands, drowned dolines, foot caves, hongs, Dau Be Island.

Himalaya karst, Annapurna and Pokhara, Nepal, 1991

Minimal karst on Annapurna’s Nilgiri Limestone, Harpan River Cave in young limestone.

Hongs of southeast Asia, 2008

Tidal caves, drowned dolines, Phang Nga Bat, Thailand, Andaman Sea, Ang Thong, Ha Long Bay.

Ingleborough Karst SSSI, Yorkshire, UK, 1997

Limestone plateau, glacial karst, dolines, shakeholes, dry valleys, limestone pavement.

Karst lands of southern China, 2009

Fengcong, Guizhou, fenglin, Guangxi, karst evolution, Li Jiang, Yangshuo.

Keld Head stalagmite dating, Yorkshire, UK, 2008

Underwater speleothems, Kingsdale Master Cave, glaciated valley, moraine-dammed lake.

Khammouan karst caves, Laos, 2000

Tham Hinboun, Tham Nathan, Tham En, Mahaxai karst.

Malham Cove origins enigma, Yorkshire, UK, 2017

Cove Waterfall, underground waters, Gordale Scar, glacial or glaciofluvial erosion.

Mergui caves, Myanmar, 2004

Limestone islands, Andaman Sea, hongs, Hnget Thaik Taung Island, Gokteik.

Mulu caves geomorphology, Malaysia, 2019

Melinau Limestone, Deer Cave, Clearwater Cave, Api, Benarat, Buda, National Park.

Natural Tunnel, Virginia, USA, 1988

Survey and description of the natural cave that carries an active railway through its length.

Oman: caves of Jabal Akhdar, 1985

Limestone karst, Green Mountain, Kahf Hoti (Al Hoota Cave), Hufrah Misfah.

Origin and form of cave systems, 2006

Karst, cave passage development, evolution of caves.

Palau karst and caves, Micronesia, 2009

Rock Islands, drowned cone karst, Ngerukewid, Seventy Islands, Mecherchar, Jellyfish Lake.

Pinega ice caves in gypsum, Russia, 1994

Iron Gates Reserve, Olympiyskaya, Lomomosovskaya, cave development, winter ice.

Rio Camuy Cave, tiankeng flooding, Puerto Rico, 2019

Tres Pueblos sinkhole, Hurricane Maria, Camuy Caves Park.

Salt karst and caves, Iran, 2008

Salt domes, Zagros Mountains, Hormoz Island, Qeshm Island, Namakdam, Tri Nahacu Cave.

Sandstone caves of Bhimbetka, India, 2009

Bhander Sandstone, quartzite, cave development, cave paintings.

Sinkholes induced in Rand, South Africa, 2005

Gold mines, Wonderfontein valley, Bank compartment, West Dreifontein crusher

Sivas gypsum karst, Turkey, 2002

Polygonal karst, doline karst, collapse dolines, Kizilcam, poljes, Kocabey Cave.

Skocjanske Jame, Slovenia, 2006

Skocjan Cave, Matavun, Postojna, collapse dolines.

Tham Luang cave rescue, Thailand, 2018

Boys trapped by flood, rescued by cave divers.

Tiankeng definition description, China karst, 2005

Giant sinkholes, dimensions, morphology, evolution, classification.

Tiankeng Tour, China, 2005

Chongqing, Wulong, Xiaozhai Tiankeng, Leye, Dashiwei Tiankeng, Guanyan Dong, Guilin.

Tiankengs of the world outside China, 2005

Notes on tiankengs of New Britain, Sarawak, Dinaric karst, Mexico, Brazil and elsewhere.

Tiankengs of Xingwen, China, 2005

Evolution of collapse from Zhucaojing to Xiaoyanwan to Dayanwan..

Tigris Tunnel, Turkey, 1976

Cave carrying the River Tigris underground, beneath the Birkleyn Caves, near Diyarbakir

Trans Craven Cave System, Yorkshire Dales, UK, 2018

Three Counties Cave System, possible extensions to Ingleborough Pen-y-ghent, Whadrfedale.

Tufa deposits at Harpur Hill, Derbyshire, 2020

Hyperalkaline solution, lime kilns, rubble waste, tufa terraces, Pamukkale.

Vein cavities, Dirtlow Rake, Derbyshire, UK, 2006

Fluorspar mine, phreatic caves, pipe cavities.

White Scar Cave survey, 1998

Full size survey of the cave in the Yorkshire Dales

White Scar Cave, Yorkshire, UK, 1977

Definitive description of a major cave system in the Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales Ch 1 Introduction 2013

Geology, Great Scar Limestone, Quaternary, cave exploration, cave research,

Yorkshire Dales Ch 4 Karst geomorphology 2013

Limestone benches, dales incision, karst denudation rates, risings, dolines, shakeholes, gorges.

Yorkshire Dales Ch 7 Cave geomorphology 2013

Vadose and phreatic caves, water table, erosion rates, shale beds, inception, breakdown, deposits.

Yorkshire Dales Ch 20 Leck Ireby Fells 2017

Three Counties Cave System, Rift Pot, Notts Pot, Lost John’s Cave, Leck Beck Head.

Yorkshire Dales Ch 24 Penyghent 2017

Pen-y-ghent, Fountains Fell, Gingling Hole, Penyghent Pot, Brants Gill Head, Birkwith Cave.

Yorkshire Dales karst mini intro, UK, 2012

Geology, geomorphology, karst, plateau surfaces, caves.

Yorkshire Dales stalagmite dates history UK, 2017

Dating the Dales caves, Gavel Pot, County Pot, first dates, cave chronology