Caves618 DownloadsCaves, by Tony Waltham, published 1974 by Macmillan: London; ISBN 0333174143. Limestone caves and karst, cave exploration, formation of caves and great caves around the world, presented for the general reader. Download Now!

Limestones and Caves of North-west England

Limestones and Caves of North-west England605 DownloadsLimestones and Caves of North-west England, edited by A C Waltham. published 1974 by David & Charles: Newton Abbott; ISBN 0715361813. Definitive text on the karst and caves of the Yorkshire Dales; replaced in 2013 by Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales (see above). Download Now!

The World of Caves

The World of Caves611 DownloadsThe World of Caves, by A C Waltham, published 1976 by Orbis: London; ISBN 0856130990. Introduction to the subterranean world of limestone caves, their geology and formation, life within them, and great explorations around the world. Download Now!

Catastrophe: the Violent Earth

Catastrophe: the Violent Earth610 DownloadsCatastrophe: the Violent Earth, by Tony Waltham, published 1978 by Macmillan: London; ISBN 0333225953. Popular descriptions and explanations of geological disasters by volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, subsidence and mining. Download Now!

Caves, Crags and Gorges

Caves, Crags and Gorges615 DownloadsCaves, Crags and Gorges, by Tony Waltham, published 1984 by Constable: London; ISBN 0094649707. Walkers’ guide to caves, karst, scrags and gorges in limestone terrains of England and Wales. Download Now!

The Underground Atlas: a gazetteer of the world’s cave regions

The Underground Atlas: a gazetteer of the world’s cave regions615 DownloadsThe Underground Atlas: a gazetteer of the world’s cave regions, by John Middleton and Tony Waltham, published 1986 by Robert Hale: London; ISBN 0709027982. Notes on the caves, known at that time, in every country in the world. Download Now!

Yorkshire Dales: limestone country

Yorkshire Dales: limestone country642 DownloadsYorkshire Dales: limestone country, by Tony Waltham, published 1987 by Constable: London; ISBN 0094676100. Walkers’ guide to caves, karst, crags and waterfalls within the National Park. Download Now!

Ground Subsidence

Ground Subsidence607 DownloadsGround Subsidence, by A C Waltham, published 1989 by Blackie: Glasgow; ISBN 0216925002. Overview of subsidence processes including sinkholes, cave collapse, mine failures, salt dissolution, and compaction of clay and peat. Download Now!

Karst and Caves of Great Britain

Karst and Caves of Great Britain614 DownloadsKarst and Caves of Great Britain, by A C Waltham, M J Simms, A R Farrant and H S Goudie, published 1997 by Chapman and Hall: London; ISBN 0412788608. Descriptions and interpretations of all sites of cave and karst SSSIs covered by the Geological Conservation Review. Download Now!

Great Caves of the World

Great Caves of the World626 DownloadsGreat Caves of the World, by Tony Waltham, published 2008 by Natural History Museum: London; ISBN 9780565092160. Photographs and short descriptions of 28 of the world’s most important caves. Download Now!