Yosemite geology geomorphology, USA, 2012

Yosemite geology geomorphology, USA, 2012927 DownloadsIncomparable Valley, granite domes, stress relied exfoliation, glaciation, hanging valley waterfalls. Download Now!

Yellowstone NP geology guide, USA, 1998

Yellowstone NP geology guide, USA, 1998997 DownloadsExcursion guide, calderas, geothermal springs and geysers, Upper Geyser Basin, Old Faithful, Norris Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs travertine terraces, Yellowstone Canyon, Mud Volcano. Download Now!

Thistle landslide, Utah, USA, 1983

Thistle landslide, Utah, USA, 1983902 DownloadsLandslide of weathered clays active due to meltwater input, debris dam in valley impounds lake, town abandoned, road and railway re-routed, geology of road cutting, lake drainage. Download Now!

Syria geological excursion, 1997

Syria geological excursion, 1997933 DownloadsSome of the main geological and historical sites in southwestern Syria, including Damascus, Maloula, Palmyra and Jabal-al-Arab. Download Now!

Strokkur geyser, Iceland, 2008

Strokkur geyser, Iceland, 2008759 DownloadsActivity caused by flashing of steam, unique style of eruption with dome of water. Download Now!

St Francis Dam failure geology, Los Angeles, USA, 2018

St Francis Dam failure geology, Los Angeles, USA, 2018952 DownloadsLos Angeles water supply, William Mulholland, dam construction, catastrophic failure of the dam, flood disaster, cause of failure, fault, conglomerate, schist, old landslides, uplift forces. Download Now!