Sandstone caves of Nottingham

Sandstone caves of Nottingham0 DownloadsThe hundreds of artificial caves cut in the sandstone beneath Nottingham’s city centre offer a wealth of history and heritage and provide a few challenges for redeveloping the land above them. Download Now!

Into the Russian winter

Into the Russian winter0 DownloadsNorthwards from a snowbound St Petersburg, to Arkhangelsk and into the remote forests of Pinega where long gypsum caves are frozen wonderlands of icicles, ice sheets and giant ice crystals. Download Now!

Pacific Ring of Fire

Pacific Ring of Fire0 DownloadsTravel around the margins of the Pacific Ocean to see the wealth of active geological processes where tectonic plates converge with great mountain chains, erupting volcanoes and major earthquakes. Download Now!

Western Australia

Western Australia0 DownloadsA road trip around the Outback of Australia’s largest state brings geology alive, with huge caves, gorges in banded ironstone, a meteor crater and ancient stromatolites, all in beautiful deserts. Download Now!

From Baja to Chihuahua

From Baja to Chihuahua0 DownloadsTravel the length of Baja California to see the splendid landscapes of this desert peninsula, then cross the Sea of Cortez to traverse the mainland mountains by way of the enormous Copper Canyon. Download Now!

Slowly down the Mekong

Slowly down the Mekong0 DownloadsTravels through the delightful land-locked nation of Laos, along the great Mekong River and off into the adjacent hill country, to call at remote villages and some beautiful Buddhist temples. Download Now!

Slowly up the Ganges

Slowly up the Ganges0 DownloadsA journey following the sacred river that is the Ganga starts in urban Calcutta, passes through the holy cities of Varanasi and Haridwar, glimpses the Taj Mahal and climbs to the foothills of the Himalaya. Download Now!

Over the Ghats – the hill country of southern India

Over the Ghats – the hill country of southern India0 DownloadsThe basaltic plateau of the Western Ghats form spectacular terrain inland from Mumbai, and beyond them the lowland of peninsular India is broken by hills that each have their own distinctive character. Download Now!

Splendours of Yemen

Splendours of Yemen0 DownloadsSana’a is the capital city of Yemen, famed for its architecture and its great souks, set among sandstone mountains, and the island wilderness of Socotra has limestone landscapes noted for their flora. Download Now!

There is nothing like North Korea

There is nothing like North Korea0 DownloadsThe world’s most bizarre society is North Korea, where life has been so awful but is now showing signs of change and some modest improvements, though still under totalitarian control. Download Now!